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Kid’s Treatment

A unique spa experience and a happy time for the little one (5 – 12 years old) available at Chi, The Spa.

Make Me Sleep Massage

Gentle body massage using coconut and vanilla scented oil for relaxing time after a fun day.

Duration Single
45 minutes THB 680 ++
30 minutes THB 480 ++

Mango and Coco Body Treatment

A tropical Thai mango body scrub, which gently removes dead skin, combined with a coco body wrap. It will leave the skin fresh and lovely experience for the little one.

Duration Single
1 hour THB 800 ++

Chocolate Foot Massage

Gentle foot massage with creamy chocolate. A yummy experience!

Duration Single
30 minutes THB 480 ++

The Superstar Manicure

Gentle hand massage with vanilla oil, followed by nail color polish.

Duration Single
30 minutes THB 350 ++

 All prices are in Thai Baht and are subject to 10% service charge and applicable government tax.