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Corporate Social Responsibility

Enhancing the learning environment in Chiang Mai

Shangri-La Chiang Mai

Baan Kor-Sa-Riem School is 32 years old and faces financial challenges to sustain the school’s physical structure and secure much-needed educational materials.

Shangri-La Chiang Mai has identified a number of key areas at the school that require special attention. Enhancing the physical structure of the school will provide a safe and enjoyable environment for its students. 

Creating a positive environment for learning  

Since 2009, through their various year-long fundraising efforts, they have been able to install a proper drinking water filtration system to ensure all children and staff members have access to clean drinking water. Also, re-painting the school and fixing lights and power points brought out a more positive environment for learning. Periodically, they have been engaged in a number of workshops covering topics such as training in first aid/CPR, hygiene and grooming, child protection and welfare and food safety.

Latest News 

Shangri-La Chiang Mai helped Baan Kor Sa-Riem school to plant and maintain their first garden, to grow their own vegetables, fruits and trees.

For the annual Thai festival Loi Krathong, the children from the school were invited to join our guest activities at the hotel. We created the famous Krathongs, lotus-shape floating receptacles, and lit Khom Loys, flying lanterns. All proceeds from that evening will be invested in the school facilities.

Join Us  

Visit or contribute to the Baan Kor-Sa-Riem School.
For details, please contact Dave Junker, Executive Assistant Manager.
Email: dave.junker@shangri-la.com 

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