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Sense of Place

Treatments that highlight unique Chinese culture and well-being traditions using Chinese gemstones, effective ingredients and innovative techniques.

Sichuan Crystal Herb Therapy

This treatment includes a unique Sichuan Herbal Foot Bath and a special zone therapy technique using the powerful crystal energies of Obsidians, White Onyx and Quartz.

Essential oils are also used during this wonderful treatment.

Sichuan Crystal Herb Therapy relieves stress, improves sleep, relaxes the body and increases energy levels.

Duration Single
1 hr 30 mins RMB 680

Thermal bed therapy

Exquisite Spa Therapy experienced on a specially heated bed made of granite stone to improve circulation, relieving muscle fatigue and tension. Many flight attendants believe it is an excellent way to rid the body of toxins after a long flight. It is also a perfect precursor to any spa treatment.

Duration Single
20 mins RMB 268

Wushu Toxin Release

This medium pressure, soothing treatment uses polished jade stones for their harmony-inducing energetic properties with specific traditional Chinese massage techniques. The Meridian Tracing Guasha Massage is to release blocked chi. 

Duration Single
1 hour 30 minutes RMB 980

Wushu Stress Relief

Wushu stretching, guided deep breathing and flowing taiji massage strokes calm stressed nerves while vigorous muscle warming techniques release back and shoulder tension.

Duration Single
1 hour RMB 680
1 hour 30 minutes RMB 980

 Prices are quoted in RMB. All prices are subject to 15% service charge applicable government taxes. Prices subject to change without notice.