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Charming attractions for every traveller

Changchun Film Studios

As the cradle of new China's film industry.

Streams of people visit the studios to experience the thrill of viewing production sets and location sites used in film making. Visitors to the studios can sight-see scenic places such as the Film World, the Film Palace and the Underwater World.

Tourists may also get the rare opportunity to see a movie being made or even catch sight of a famous Chinese movie star.

Puppet Emperor Palace & Exhibition Hall

The Puppet Emperor Palace & Exhibition Hall was the residence of the last Emperor of China, Puyi.

The tourist attraction features the palace where Puyi lived, a museum, artwork and wax statues. In the rear palace area, one can see a swimming pool, a lush garden area, a tennis court and a courtyard.

The famous architecture of the Palace Museum include the Tonde Palace and the Qian Ming building. At the Qian Ming building, visitors are able to see the emperor’s throne, ancient documents that once belonged to Puyi, and wax models of him and his wife.

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan -11ºC -23ºC
Feb -6ºC -19ºC
Mar 2ºC -10ºC
Apr 13ºC 0ºC
May 21ºC 8ºC
Jun 26ºC 14ºC
Jul 29ºC 18ºC
Aug 27ºC 17ºC
Sep 21ºC 9ºC
Oct 13ºC 0ºC
Nov 1ºC -10ºC
Dec -8ºC -19ºC