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Our local sampler package combines a volcanic ash and crushed coconut shell body scrub. Together with batik wrap and a hair and scalp treatment made with avocado and cucumbers, Kalipay is a treat for the body.

Duration Weekday Weekend/Holiday
30 mins PHP 2,900 PHP 3,400

Barako Coffee Bean Scrub

This popular bean from the Philippine Liberica tree is known for its naturally detoxifying and stimulating properties. As it actively removes excess body fluids, it reduces the appearance of cellulite and fluid retention.

Duration Weekday Weekend/Holiday
45 mins PHP 3,500 PHP 4,000

Mactan Synergy Scrubs

Choose either an invigorating combination of fresh Papaya, Mango and Calamansi Lime body scrub or Sampaguita body polish - the Philippines' national flower that lends a sweet fragrance. Both leave you with smooth, silky and glowing skin after a rich body butter is applied to seal in nature’s goodness.

Duration Weekday Weekend/Holiday
45 mins PHP 3,500 PHP 4,000

Sumpay - Two therapists, one connection

Captivating indulgence as two therapists work on opposite ends of the body. Performing a CHI Harmonizing Facial and Foot Reflexology massage simultaneously, this massage creates a deep relaxation through polarity connection.

Duration Weekday Weekend/Holiday
1 hr (single) PHP 7,500 PHP 8,000
1 hr (double) PHP 14,000 PHP 14,500

Tropical Linen And Leaf Wrap

A blend of nature’s bounty – fresh mango, pineapple, aloe vera, honey and argiletz marine clay – naturally exfoliates, while cool banana leaves and linen wrap the body for a refreshing body treat.

Duration Weekday Weekend/Holiday
45 mins PHP 3,900 PHP 4,400

Water Shiatsu

This extraordinary water therapy experience imparts a feeling of weightlessness and free movement, while easing muscle and joint pressure.

Whilst gently floating in soothing warm water, stretching and shiatsu-like massage techniques are applied for an esoteric and spiritually relaxing experience unlike any other.

Duration Weekday Weekend/Holiday
1 hr 15 mins PHP 5,400 PHP 5,900

Palina Hilot - Two therapists, four healing hands

Beginning with a grounding Palina, "cleansing of spirit", and the magical tinkling of the Philippine Rain Maker, this distinctly different four-handed massage succinctly combines the two therapists' innate healing abilities with mesmerizing massage strokes delivered in perfect unison.

Duration Weekday Weekend/Holiday
1 hr 30 mins (single) PHP 9,700 PHP 10,200
1 hr 30 mins (double) PHP 18,400 PHP 18,900

Hot Dinu-Ot Muscle Relief

Developed from local indigenous flora, a combination of Sambong (Philippine Camphor), Native Lemon Grass, Lagundi (Five-leaf Chaste Tree) and Morin (Jackfruit Tree Bark) are made into a balm. A deep pressure massage is applied for myofacial relief from body aches and pains.

Large heated banana leaves are then wrapped around each limb to gently steam the herbal compress for a long lasting and instant relief.

Duration Weekday Weekend/ Holiday
1 hr 30 mins PHP 6,300 PHP 6,800

Sampaguita Sensation / Body Bliss

Choose from the Sampaguita Sensation or Papaya, Mango & Lime Body Bliss. Body scrubs with natural white loofah combined with a Philippine Hilot Massage using 100% organic virgin coconut oil complete this rejuvenating experience.

Duration Weekday Weekend / Holiday
1 hr 15 mins PHP 5,900 PHP 6,400

Romantic Getaway

Luxuriate in tropical splendour as you and your partner delight in a romantic candle-lit bath filled with tropical pito pito herb and flowers.

This is followed by an exclusive body scrub for balancing emotions and a Philippine Hilot Massage to create a total connection.

Duration Weekday Weekend / Holiday
2 hrs PHP 12,600 PHP 13,100

 Prices are quoted in Philippine Pesos. All prices are subject to 10% service charge and 12.75% local government taxes. Prices subject to change without notice.