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Add one or more of our enhancements to your treatment. Enhancements add no extra time to your treatment but provide added benefits.  

Intensely Nourishing Hair Treatment

Enjoy the relaxing application of warmed virgin coconut milk as it is massaged deeply into your hair and scalp. Your hair will be wrapped in warm towels while we continue to massage the rest of your body. This will leave your hair soft and nourished. For optimum results, do not wash hair 2 hours after treatment.   

Healing After-Sun Treatment

A little red on your back or legs from too much sun? Our special Cebu cooling and soothing cucumber aloe gel, made right here in Cebu, will help remove the heat. The gel is applied with chilled cloth while we work on the rest of your body.

Natural Muscle Relief Balm

During your treatment, your therapist will apply our locally-made cinnamon camphor sports rub to muscle groups that are sore or fatigued. This will help relax your muscles, reduce headaches and tensions. For optimal results, add this enhancement to a deep-tissue massage.

Prices are quoted in Philippine Pesos. All prices are subject to 10% service charge and 12.75% local government taxes. Prices subject to change without notice.