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Vibrant and Relaxed

with a distinct local personality

The Backyard has a vibrant, relaxed feel with a distinct local North Queensland personality. Our bar staff are eager to share their local area and knowledge. Energetic and laid back during the afternoon – upbeat tempo and lively at night time.

With a choice of airy seating areas; bar, deck or garden, guests can enjoy uninterrupted views of the waterfront, watch the boats return from the reef or simply relax and take in the gorgeous marina views and mountain range beyond.

The outdoor container bar is an icon and the service point of the beer garden area, giving customers a unique outdoor experience year-round.

The cuisine encourages the engagement between guests, with signature dishes with items carved at the table and designed to be shared.

The Backyard provides a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere for friends to gather in al fresco surroundings. Guests can mingle while enjoying refreshing, innovative drinks and outstanding creative dishes – share style, ordered at the central counter. Semi private areas for group events and social gatherings are also available.