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Sense of Place

Reflecting the true essence of the Philippines, these spa treatments use local ingredients, botanical products and traditional recipes for well-being. 

Palina Therapy

First, enjoy a scrub using freshly prepared coconut. Then, two therapists will administer a synchronized body massage with long, sweeping movements. The therapy induces deep relaxation, clears the mind, releases tension and eases muscle pain.

Duration Single
1 hour, 45 minutes PHP 9,500

Hot Dinu-Ot Muscle Relief

First, undergo a deep tissue massage with a herbal balm and heated banana leaves to relax tense muscles. Then, a warm herbal poultice is applied, and a foot therapy using a traditional dagdagay stick is administered to complete the experience. 

Duration Single
1 hour, 45 minutes PHP 6,000

Philippine Hilot Massage

This traditional Filipino massage focuses on releasing blocked energy. Warm strips of banana leaves and coconut oil are applied to the body, and the healing hands of the therapist detect and unclog energy pathways.

Duration Single
1 hour, 30 minutes PHP 5,800
1 hour PHP 4,700

Dagdagay Foot Massage

This traditional Filipino foot and leg massage uses a wooden stick to stimulate the foot reflex zones, relieving pressure on the feet and legs, and helping to completely relax the body.

Duration Single
1 hour PHP 4,000

 All treatments include use of the Relaxation Pavilion and Spa Pool. All prices in Philippine Peso and are inclusive of VAT and subject to 10% service charge and applicable local government tax. Prices subject to change without notice. No shows and appointments cancelled within 4 hours will incur 50% cancellation fee.