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Set off across Boracay

There are several ways to get around Boracay, including paraws, tricycles and the resort shuttle.


Paraws are local sailboats that can be hired to visit the different beaches of Boracay, neighbouring islands or for a scenic sunset cruise.


Tricycles are the most common mode of transportation on the island. Expect to pay PHP 150 to get from d'Mall at the White Beach to the resort.

Resort Shuttle

The resort provides a free shuttle service to and from D’Mall at the White Beach. You may also arrange for a van transfer for a minimal fee.

Resort to D'Mall 

Every hour, from 9am to 1am, with additional trips every 30 minutes, from 6.30pm to 10.30pm 

D'Mall to Resort 

Every hour, from 9.20am to 1.20am, with additional trips every 30 minutes, from 6.50pm to 11.50pm

Resort to Church  

Every Sunday at 7.30am

Church to Resort 

Every Sunday at 9.30am 

*The only drop-off and pick-up point is located near the Budget Mart at D'Mall. 

Local Climate
Month High Low
Jan 30ºC 24ºC
Feb 30ºC 24ºC
Mar 31ºC 25ºC
Apr 32ºC 25ºC
May 33ºC 26ºC
Jun 32ºC 26ºC
Jul 31ºC 25ºC
Aug 32ºC 25ºC
Sep 32ºC 25ºC
Oct 31ºC 25ºC
Nov 31ºC 25ºC
Dec 30ºC 24ºC