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CHI Facial

Calming Oxygenating Facial

A facial treatment for fatigued skin that refreshes like a brisk walk in the woods. It helps to improve cell respiration and strengthen natural defences. Perfect for skin exposed to pollution, lack of rest and stress, the facial results in a clear and even skin tone.

Duration Single
1 hr 15 mins RMB 1,080

Crystal Energising Facial

This pampering treatment employs the power of nourishing Biodroga face cream to treat skin with crystal wands for optimum results.

The smooth, calming and pampering massage movements performed with the crystal wands revitalise the skin at a cellular level, leaving it velvety soft and radiant with a healthy glow.

Duration Single
1 hr 30 mins RMB 1,180

Deep Hydrating Collagen Facial

A regenerating boost for dehydrated skin, providing moisture and hydration. Incorporating a collagen sheet into this facial treatment makes it deeply hydrating, soothing and calming. Perfect after long-haul flights and for overcoming dry weather.

Duration Single
2 hrs RMB 1,680

Futuresse Caviar Deluxe Firming Treatment

The ultimate pampering treatment, this signature facial includes a neck, décolleté and bust massage, with a lotus mask applied on the décolleté. This is followed by an aroma hand scrub and massage to leave you feeling and looking refreshed.

The caviar collagen sheet can also effectively and instantly improve skin hydration, elasticity and firmness.

Duration Single
2 hrs RMB 2,480

Refreshing Facial

A time-efficient face refresher to address different skin types and conditions. Perfect after a body treatment or for guests on the go.

Duration Single
45 mins RMB 680

Men's Executive Facial

An instant boost for skin in need of a quick fix. Gives a visible glow to tired skin by improving cell respiration and strengthening natural defences. Results in a clear and even skin tone.

Duration Single
1 hr RMB 980

Men's Deluxe Facial

A deluxe facial with a collagen moisture boost mask for male skin. The premium skin care range features caviar extracts for an intensive skin treat. This deeply relaxing facial is excellent after a long flight, and leaves the skin fresh and moisturised.

Duration Single
1 hr 30 mins RMB 2,180

All prices are subject to 15% service charge and applicable government tax. Prices subject to change without notice.