Grill 79

Chef Daniel Guevara Quintero

“I set out to capture gratifying moments by reinterpreting cuisines.”

Chef Daniel Guevara Quintero


Bold & creative

Chef Daniel Guevara Quintero

Chef Daniel is a strong contender in the culinary world. As a diligent person, he has been self-motivated and ambitious since the day he could hold a spatula. The Spanish chef is a firm believer in perfection and perseverance and makes it a point to continually learn from others.  

Like a true food enthusiast, he spends a large amount of time researching, studying, investigating and building his international culinary bibliography. He strives hard to stay abreast of new trends and claims that studying is the true source of his unmatched creativity. 

With his Spanish ancestry, he has family ties in Latin America, particularly Argentina. It was in Argentina where he first started studying and began making his first culinary steps. In the last 20 years, “The Spanish Modern Kitchen” movement has put Spanish cuisine at the top of the culinary world map and in the same league as French cuisine. 





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Level 79

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Smart Casual

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Smoking is not permitted in Grill 79.