Corporate Social Responsibility

Shangri-La's Care for Water Project

Shangri-La Hotel, Beihai

Conserving the Habitats of Migratory Birds

The Shangri-La group launched Sanctuary, Shangri-La's Care for Nature Project, in accordance with its commitment to the conservation of biodiversity. 

Beihai is part of one of the most important migratory routes for birds in China. However, the area is unfortunately being threatened by human impact. In response, Shangri-la Hotel Beihai, as a member of the Guangxi Beibu Gulf Migratory Bird Protection Alliance, and in association with the Beihai Citizen Volunteer Association, has conducted a series of activities to raise awareness of the issue and educate the local communities in the area and the group's colleagues and suppliers on how to conserve this unique bird route.  

Furthermore, the hotel has been focused on protecting the habitat of the migratory birds - the mangrove wetland areas, which attract and provide a stopover point for the birds during migration. In the hope of propagating this important ecosystem, the colleagues of Shangri-La Hotel, Beihai, have planted over 500 trees to date.