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CHI Signature Massages

CHI Signature Massages have been developed to complete the relaxation of the mind and to revitalise your body.

CHI Balance

A gentle yet penetrative palm massage focusing on vitality, clarity and peace of mind. Techniques include acupressure.

Duration Single
1 hr 25 min AED 600

CHI Hot Stones

Heated stones are used for their thermotherapy with gliding massage strokes for warm relaxing treatment benefits.

Duration Single
1 hr 55 mins AED 800

Rescue Release

Targeting the areas that retain the greatest tension and pain, this deep tissue massage de-stresses and relaxes the muscles.

Duration Single
45 mins AED 275

Foot Reflexology

This treatment assists in the relief of stress and tension and improves circulation with the use of thumb acupressure.

Duration Single
45 mins AED 150

All prices are in UAE dirhams and are inclusive of a 10% service charge and a 6% tourism fee. Prices are subject to change without notice. No shows and appointments cancelled within 12 hours will be charged a cancellation fee equal to the full price of the scheduled treatment.