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Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi

The Special Care Centre (SCC) is an accredited organisation, registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs as an establishment for disabled care and rehabilitation. It is a non-profit organisation that relies heavily on donations and volunteers.

As a partner of this organisation, we show our support to them through a number of activities, including conducting swimming lessons for their students with mental disabilities, carrying out Fire, Life and Safety inspections in their centre, providing refreshments for their events, attending their Fun Day, Sports Day and Talent Show, and lastly, looking at hiring clients from their centre like Avinash Mohan.

Avinash Mohan is an 18-year old student of SCC’s senior class, who we are considering to be a mini-bar trainee. He follows instructions and carries out his tasks efficiently. He assists in day-to-day office tasks, has basic computer skills and, therefore, is a highly eligible candidate.

Latest News

We are currently teaming with SCC to coordinate activities for their Fun Day, which will take place later this month. We are also finalising the HR requirements for Avinash Mohan so that he can begin training at our property. Once his programme is in progress, we plan to look at hiring more students from SCC. Further plans to introduce teacher training at SCC are also in discussion.

During Ramadan, please stop by Shangri-La Hotel, Abu Dhabi to view an exhibit of SCC’s handicrafts and artworks.

For further details, please contact us:
Evelyn Wong
Director of Training

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