Nanning Qingxiushan Scenic Spot
Nanning Qingxiushan Scenic Spot is a national 5A scenic spot encompassing 18 mountains with the highest reaching altitude of 289 meters. The pleasant climate and spectacular views have made it a famous getaway. Longxiang Pagoda stands tall on the top of Qingxiushan. It is always known as Qingshan Pagoda and is often considered the landmark of the Scenic Spot. It was built in the Wanli years of the Ming Dynasty, proudly boasting nine floors, 60 meters high, 12 meters in diameter of the base, and 207 spiral staircases. It is the tallest Pagoda in Guangxi.

Nanning Folk Song Lake Scenic Spot
Nanning Folk Song Lake Scenic Spot is a water-centric scenic spot for tourists to go sightseeing. Spanning over 6.8 km, it’s a part of the city water system around Nanning and is also the most splendid scenery in the downtown area. At the lake, tourists may explore the area by foot and experience the modern art bar street; they can also participate in the square’s activities or watch art shows while sampling a range of restaurants and bars on offer. The Folk Song Lake is no doubt one of the most charming places in Nanning City.

Nanning Zhongshan Road Gourmet Street
There is no doubt that Nanning Zhongshan Road Gourmet Street is the locals' favorite place to visit and snack around. Apart from local cuisine, there are various selections of gourmet from all corners of China. Zhongshan Road is a traffic artery in the daytime, but during the night-time, it turns into a pedestrian street, becoming a paradise for gourmet seekers.


530029 136-1, Minzu Avenue, Qingxiu District, Nanning, Guangxi


(86 771) 256 8888

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