Arts and Culture

Guangxi Art Museum
Guangxi Art Museum has an architectural design that includes four individual museums as one: Guangxi Art Museum, Guangxi Calligraphy Museum, China (Guangxi) Seal Cutting Art Museum and Sun Art Museum.

Anthropology Museum of Guangxi
Anthropology Museum of Guangxi (AMGX) is within the Qingxiushan Scenic Spot of Nanning. Consisted of the indoor exhibition halls (which contain permanent and temporary exhibition halls) and outdoor display garden of Guangxi traditional folk houses, it covers an area (around 86,667㎡). Rich ethnic culture exhibitions and colourful folk custom events enhance the cultural foundation and meaning for the Qingxiushan Scenic Spot, making it a bright pearl of Nanning.


530029 136-1, Minzu Avenue, Qingxiu District, Nanning, Guangxi


(86 771) 256 8888

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