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An Ecological and Beautiful Green City

A renowned “City of Greenery”, Nanning, the capital of Guangxi, is on the front line of China's partnership with ASEAN: its status as the permanent host of the China-ASEAN Expo is further testimony to that. Due to the city's strategic importance, Beibu Gulf Economic Zone is centered around Nanning.

Arts and Culture
Arts and Culture

Guangxi Art Museum
Guangxi Art Museum has an architectural design that includes four individual museums as one: Guangxi Art Museum, Guangxi Calligraphy Museum, China (Guangxi) Seal Cutting Art Museum and Sun Art Museum.

Anthropology Museum of Guangxi
Anthropology Museum of Guangxi (AMGX) is within the Qingxiushan Scenic Spot of Nanning. Consisted of the indoor exhibition halls (which contain permanent and temporary exhibition halls) and outdoor display garden of Guangxi traditional folk houses, it covers an area (around 86,667㎡). Rich ethnic culture exhibitions and colourful folk custom events enhance the cultural foundation and meaning for the Qingxiushan Scenic Spot, making it a bright pearl of Nanning.


Nanning Qingxiushan Scenic Spot
Nanning Qingxiushan Scenic Spot is a national 5A scenic spot encompassing 18 mountains with the highest reaching altitude of 289 meters. The pleasant climate and spectacular views have made it a famous getaway. Longxiang Pagoda stands tall on the top of Qingxiushan. It is always known as Qingshan Pagoda and is often considered the landmark of the Scenic Spot. It was built in the Wanli years of the Ming Dynasty, proudly boasting nine floors, 60 meters high, 12 meters in diameter of the base, and 207 spiral staircases. It is the tallest Pagoda in Guangxi.

Nanning Folk Song Lake Scenic Spot
Nanning Folk Song Lake Scenic Spot is a water-centric scenic spot for tourists to go sightseeing. Spanning over 6.8 km, it’s a part of the city water system around Nanning and is also the most splendid scenery in the downtown area. At the lake, tourists may explore the area by foot and experience the modern art bar street; they can also participate in the square’s activities or watch art shows while sampling a range of restaurants and bars on offer. The Folk Song Lake is no doubt one of the most charming places in Nanning City.

Nanning Zhongshan Road Gourmet Street
There is no doubt that Nanning Zhongshan Road Gourmet Street is the locals' favorite place to visit and snack around. Apart from local cuisine, there are various selections of gourmet from all corners of China. Zhongshan Road is a traffic artery in the daytime, but during the night-time, it turns into a pedestrian street, becoming a paradise for gourmet seekers.


Nanning Nanhu Park
Nanning Nanhu Park located in the southeast of Nanning, and its lake area accounts for three quarters of the total area. It is a comprehensive park with Guangxi ethnic characteristics, subtropical scenery characteristics, and ornamental garden plants. The lake is clear and beautiful, either boating in the lake, or simply enjoy a relaxing and happy moment.

Mount Damingshan
Mount Damingshan is famous for “bright greenery after rainfall, multiple ranges of peaks, and infinite vitality in all directions”. It is known as “a spectacular mountain in south of the Five Ridges and a paradise on earth”. The complex terrain, unique climate, relatively large temperature difference and rich animal and plant resources result in its picturesque scenery and colourful natural landscape. “Spring flowers, summer waterfalls, autumn clouds, and winter snow” illustrates the features of Mount Damingshan in four seasons.

Detian Transnational Waterfall Scenic Spot
Located on a 208-meter-wide bluff, the waterfall of the Detian Transnational Waterfall Scenic Spot is about 70 meters high, and its thrashing waters, which rush down a three-tiered cliff with tremendous force, can be heard from afar. It's about 200 kilometres away from Nanning.

Surrounded by karst formations, lush green vegetation, and fiery red kapoks, the waterfall is truly a sight to behold for anyone with an appreciation for nature.

The scenic spot is recognized as a Chinese Characteristic International Tourism Destination, National Ecological Tourism Demonstration Area, and one of Guangxi's Top 10 Tourist Attractions.


The MixC Shopping Mall
The MixC is located in the very heart of Nanning CBD with about 280,000 sqm, connected to Shangri-La Nanning. The MixC is a well-known one-stop shopping centre. There are famous international brands, department stores, high-end supermarkets, Olympic standard ice-skating rink, cinemas, and varieties of restaurants.

Quick Facts
Quick Facts

Nanning, also known as Yong, is the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China, a modern city with harmonious coexistence of many ethnic groups, mainly Zhuang. It is the centre of Guangxi politics, economy, culture, and transportation, making Nanning the core city of Beibu Gulf Economic Zone. The city is also the permanent host for the China-ASEAN Expo. Green is the symbol for Nanning as half of the region is covered by rich evergreen scenery. It is therefore known famously as “the Green City of China”.


In Nanning, you can take taxis or public transport to various scenic spots and transportation hubs, and the subway lines criss-cross the city cover the main areas of Nanning.

Buses are also a good option, providing access to radiated areas beyond the metro line.

Besides, renting a car or driving your car is also a convenient choice.


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