Shangri-La Nanchang’s Embrace project – Building a cosy community for students at Nanchang Sanlian Special Education School

Shangri-La Nanchang starts from the actual needs of Nanchang Sanlian Special Education School and considers it in the long-term to provide support and assistance in various aspects such as diet, education, daily consumption, maintenance, hygiene, and fire safety.

Do good and spread the sunshine of love

In April 2022, Shangri-La Nanchang volunteers came to Sanlian Special Education School, donated 10,746 yuan from the previous charity sale to the school, and sent well-prepared school uniforms and snack packs to the children. Organized fire safety training courses, led children to practice outdoor fire extinguishers, enhanced teachers and students' fire safety awareness, and brought 6 sets of fire extinguishers to the school to further help eliminate hidden fire safety hazards in schools.

Light up Christmas lights and light up hope

In December 2021, the hotel sincerely invited several children from Nanchang Sanlian Special Education School to participate in the Christmas Lighting Ceremony. While the children brought a warm sign language performance, they also painted small paper-cuts with local characteristics of Nanchang on the spot. All the proceeds from the charity sale will be used to support the Nanchang Sanlian Special Education School to fuel their growth.


On the Mid-Autumn Festival, in September 2021, hotel volunteers came to Sanlian Special Education School to deliver school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, and moon cakes to the school students.

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(86 791) 8222 2888

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