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Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou Switches On the Lights of the Holiday Tree with “Ride For Hope”

Suzhou, 6 December 2013 – The 2013 festive season commences at Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou with the lighting of its Christmas tree on 6 December 2013.  This season of love, peace and goodwill Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou welcomes the core cyclists of Ride for Hope, a Shangri-La charity tour which departed from Shenzhen and will complete its tour in Shanghai.

With the joint effort of 11 Shangri-La properties in south and east China, the Ride for Hope charity activity pedalled off on 16 November 2013 at Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen.  

The hotel has collected RMB150,000 from both donations and participation fees from over 20 multinational corporations and individuals in Suzhou.  Approximately 200 riders on 15 December will participate in Suzhou leg activity. 

The Christmas tree lighting event will feature holiday and Christmas carols.  The hotel’s holiday season officially commences at 6 p.m. with cocktails and canapés.  At 6:38 p.m., the hotel general manager, Ms. Susanna Li together with Ride for Hope’s team will light up the Christmas tree.  Twinkling lights and elegant Christmas decorations will grace the hotel.  The hotel’s executive chef, Dale Wang, will present a yule log cake in shape of the Ride for Hope route from Shenzhen to Shanghai created by his innovative team to celebrate the occasion.

Along the 2,000-kilometre route from Shenzhen to Shanghai, the three-week ride passes through four provinces and 22 cities.  A group of riders organised by the Shangri-La properties in Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai will join seven dedicated riders committed to completing the entire journey.

Bike ride participation fees, priced at RMB200 per adult, and voluntary donations collected along the ride will fund three selected beneficiaries – a group of villagers living in Guangxi Autonomous Region, Shenzhen Blue Ocean Conservation Association and the Will Foundation.

“The true spirit of Christmas is generosity and we hope that, with this event, not only will we usher in the Christmas spirit at Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou, but together with our valued guests, we will also share in the spirit of giving by helping people in need,” said Susanne Li, the hotel’s general manager.

Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou has unified all initiatives within the five key areas of the group’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme under the umbrella of “sustainability”.

The hotel continuously supports the Suzhou Jia Yue Recovery Centre with regular visits, simulation language tests to help the children pass certain test so they can get into normal primary schools and funds for facility upgrades.  In addition, the hotel has received Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

シャングリ・ラ ホテルズ&リゾーツは、さまざまなステークホルダーの関心のバランスをとりながら、経済的、社会的、そして環境的な責任を持った運営に専念し続けています。企業レベルによる企業の社会的責任(CSR)委員会は、コーポレート・シティズンシップ(社会の一員としての企業の責任・義務)や環境維持開発におけるリーダー的存在を目指しながら、環境、健康と安全、社員、サプライヤー、ステークホルダーとのかかわりといった戦略的分野における企業としての取り組みを促進しています。サステナビリティの取り組みのもと、シャングリ・ラの社会的責任プログラムは、「エンブレイス」と「サンクチュアリ」の主要部分として実施されています。「エンブレイス」は、恵まれない地域社会における最高レベルの教育や健康支援を促進することを目指す、シャングリ・ラのケア・フォー・ピープル・プロジェクトに重点を置いています。シャングリ・ラのケア・フォー・ネイチャー・プロジェクトに集中する「サンクチュアリ」プログラムは、生物多様性の保護や回復を促進しています。詳細に関しましては、ウェブサイトのCSRセクションをご覧ください。




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