Press Release


Traders Hotel Shenyang Offers Super Value Set Menu and Dishes at Shang Palace

Traders Hotel, Shenyang’s Shang Palace has launched super-value dishes, created by new Chinese Executive Chef Paul Yang. The dishes from the experienced chef are crafted with meticulous attention to every detail and presented to the guest table. A healthy diet collocation enables diners to enjoy a range of experiences, from simple to extremely luxurious.

Shang Palace the hotel’s Chinese, has become a well-respected palace style dining venue with its elegant and scented palatial environment fending off dry heat and blatant. It mixed local specialties and super-value dishes, to create "noble but not expensive" and "enjoy gourmet, slowly enjoy life" dining concept. With price starting at RMB 18, guest can enjoy its excellent dining environment and exclusive service.

Shang Palace, a distinctive restaurant offering Chinese local specialities, is well recognised for its local Liaoning delicacies and outstanding Cantonese and healthy vegetarian cuisine. Guests can reach the highest realm of food enjoyment through various authentic tastes presented creatively in taste and appearance.

Traders Hotel, Shenyang’s Chinese restaurant is designed with classic furniture and rich details such as specially selected ornaments and wooden screens in the dining area. The simple, yet elegant decoration keeps the glamour of old, but also brings in the modern atmosphere of the new era. Opened in 1996, the creative and innovative restaurant along with its brand story, customises its finest cuisine and dining experience for guests. 

香港を拠点とするシャングリ・ラ ホテル&リゾーツは現在、「シャングリ・ラ」のブランド名で、85軒以上のホテルを所有・運営し、総客室数36,000以上を有しています。トレーダース ホテルでは、見識のある旅行者の皆様に対し、秀逸でありながら純真で心温まる誠意を持って対応させていただいております。また、ビジネス、リラクゼーション、あるいはレジャーなどでご利用いただくゲストのお客様にご満足いただけるよう、フレンドリーでありながらプロフェッショナルな環境やサービスを提供しております。アジア太平洋や中東の主要ビジネス都市に展開しているトレーダースホテルは、ご出張やご旅行に実用的です。