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Shang Palace, the one-star restaurant of the Shangri-La Hotel, Paris presents its new menu

Shang Palace, the one-star restaurant of the Shangri-La Hotel, Paris presents its new menu

Shang Palace, the gourmet Chinese restaurant of the Shangri-La Hotel, Paris specializing in Cantonese cuisine and awarded one star in the Michelin Guide, unveils its new menu for the autumn season. Created by Chef Frank Xu, in collaboration with Executive Chef Philippe Labbé, twenty original dishes signal an exciting new chapter of gastronomic delights.

Faithful to this cuisine, that could be considered a philosophy, Chef Frank Xu has included new sea-sonal ingredients in his menu (fish, seafood and vegetables) prepared in such a way as to express their natural flavours with the greatest possible precision. Famous traditional dishes will naturally remain on the new menu, such as the beggar's chicken in lotus leaf cooked and baked in a clay crust and the roasted whole Peking duck, which comes in two sequences. At lunch time, the popular dim sum menu has been expanded with a vegetarian option. 

 A bresse shredded chicken salad has been added to the cold starters: tender chicken is dressed in a delicious sichuan style sauce, with sesame seeds, peanuts, dried shrimp and rice vermicelli. Beef shank and tongue are now accompanied by meltingly soft leek pancakes. 

Known for their benevolent properties, the traditional soups have been joined by a new item: double boiled Chinese mushroom soup with bamboo fungus.
An irresistible delicacy, the braised codfish served on a bed of garlic and ginger confirms the talents of Chef Frank Xu and his Cantonese sous-chefs. This new signature dish rivals the refinement of the wok-fried turbot fillet, caramelized walnuts and sugar snaps. Perfectly steamed lobster is garnished with rice vermicelli and garlic sauce.

Another signature dish, the chicken baked in salt crust gives a well-deserved opportunity for the Shang Palace's front of house staff, led by the charismatic Christophe Wong, to display their skills: the chicken is presented at the table and then flambéed in rose alcohol. The exquisite fragrances offer a prelude to this extraordinarily tender, delicately scented dish.

The dry and spicy home style clay pot rice with air dried sausage presents delightful authenticity, as does the fried rice Chef style or the Shang Palace rice in lotus leaves.
The sweet cereal and coconut cream, served warm and very slightly sweet, reveals wonderful fla-vours, served with a ball of sticky rice with peanuts.
Sommelier Maxime Verdier takes great care to accompany all of these unique flavours with appropri-ate wines. Among other things, he offers a selection of five glasses of wine from bottles that he has chosen from the cellar of the Shangri-La Hotel, Paris. Chinese cuisine in the Cantonese style also requires a selection of teas, the menu includes twelve rare, highly exclusive teas, such as an unforgettable twenty-year old Pu Er, and a remarkable Oolong Dung Ti.

Shang Palace Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel, Paris
10, avenue d’Iéna, Paris 16th arrondissement 

Open Thursday to Monday, for lunch (noon to 2 pm) and dinner (7 pm to 10 pm). Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Lunch menu at 58€ and 98€. 80 seats. Valet car service. 

Reservations at 01 53 67 19 92 or by email 

Shang Palace Chef: Frank Xu

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