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Based on the premise of Global Wellness Day of increasing global awareness of living a better life, encompassing everything from exercise and beauty treatments, spiritual teachings and ways of thinking, to the harmony between body and spirit, Shangri-La Hotel Ningbo featured a variety of fun activities to encourage the students from Ling Feng Migrant Workers’ Children School as well as hotel guests, local media to live a healthier life.  




In conjunction with International Children’s Day, the representatives from Shangri-La Hotel Ningbo joined Children’s Day Carnival organized by Ling Feng Migrant Workers’ Children School, the partner of hotel EMBRACE Program, on June 1st 2017, and delivered wonderful wellness activities to nigh-hundred primary school students. Due to lack of professional instructions, the migrant workers’ children school was looking for public support in improving its students’ overall physical health and building up their social competence. Shangri-La Hotel Ningbo has been actively helping the school achieve its aspiration of establishing a school basketball team and helping the students improve their nutrition and increase their overall health through school-based health & sports programs. This Children’s day, the students had the opportunity to participate in number of fun games including basketball obstacle race, ring toss as well as doing physical exercise with hotel fitness instructor and enjoying Rooted in Nature Healthy Juice Bar and snacks at the Shangri-La Station especially setup for the carnival. 




In addition to the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, Shangri-La Hotel Ningbo kicked off its in-house celebration by inviting Health Club members, hotel long-stay guests, fitness lovers and local media to join the “Burn Your Calorie” competition through gym exercise from 9:30am on June 10th and concluded with a short meditation cool down. From boosting energy to reducing stress, exercise is an important part of any daily routine, and the competition organized by the Health Club of Shangri-La Hotel Ningbo motivated each guest to do regular exercise via professional methods. Adding to the fun, the 10 winners received seated massage service from CHI, the Spa, which helped guest unload their stress and unleash their inner beauty. Back by popular demand is Shangri-La’s culinary sustainability initiativeRooted in Nature themed reception lunch. One of the ways to practice wellness is to eat healthy food that fuels your mind and body. Global Wellness Day supports eating natural and organic foods, which is in line with Shangri-La’s Rooted in Nature program sourcing possible sustainable ingredients from organic farms andinviting guests to join us in embracing and celebrating the benefits that sustainable food brings us. 





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