Press Release


Kitsho Japanese Restaurant and Sake Bar Presents Fugu and King Crab


Manila, 22 October 2013 – Traders Hotel, Manila’s Kitsho Japanese Restaurant and Sake Bar offers guests a chance to revel in Japanese king crab, one of the wonders of the sea, and have a serving of a lethal delicacy, fugu, from October until 31 March 2014.

King crabs, particularly the legs, are a delicacy.  The snowy-white meat is praised for its flavor and texture.  The meat has a high content of essential vitamins and minerals, making it extremely beneficial to health. 

Diners can taste Japan’s most coveted delicacy, king crabs, served four ways in a set menu.  The dining experience starts with Grilled King Crabs with a zest of lemon, followed by the sweet tang of Steamed King Crab dipped in a mixture of tosazu and ponzu sauce.  Guests may then enjoy King Crabs served in a Hot Pot with a variety of mushrooms, vegetables and Japanese tofu in a light savory soup.  The set menu ends with a bowl of noodles or congee.

Guests can take their palates to a little adventure by daring to try fugu, more commonly known as pufferfish or blowfish.  It is one of the most celebrated, yet deadly dishes in Japanese cuisine.  The second most toxic animal in the world, it bears huge quantities of tetrodoxin – a poison found in its liver, ovaries and skin.  It takes precision, skill and careful preparation to prevent the poison from contaminating the meat that only licensed chefs are authorized to prepare this delicacy.

After five years of vigorous training from the prefecture of Fukuoka, Japanese Executive Chef Masahiro Mizumoto of Kitsho earned a license to prepare fugu, making him one of the few professional chefs in the Philippines to serve such a poisonous fish.

Fugu is prepared and served in four ways.  Fugusashi are thinly sliced portions of its raw meat dipped in the distinct flavor of ponzu. Second, Fugu Karaageis deep fried with a zest of lemon.  Third, a fraction of fugu is served in a hot pot with a tang of sake, mushrooms, vegetables and seaweeds.  After boiling, everything is placed in a bowl of ponzu.  The broth from the hot pot heightens the flavors of the last dish, Japanese rice made thick and creamy similar to a congee.

The four-course fugu set menu starts at P3,800++ per person and the king crab set menu is priced at P4,200++ per person.  À la carte servings are also available.  For inquiries and advance reservations, please call Traders Hotel, Manila at (63 2) 708 4888.  Three days prior reservation is required.