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This exceptional restaurant laden with Eastern sophistication pays tribute to a much-loved Maldivian doctor called Dr. Ali who delighted everyone with his wonderfully woven nature stories and enticing recipes. From 1850 to 1900, he travelled across East Asia and Middle East as a seafarer aboard the Yahumbarra. His journeys took him to many countries such as Egypt, Jordan, the Indian Peninsula, Burma, South China and Vietnam where he collected exotic ingredients from his encounters with other travellers – and before long these herbs and spices were fused creatively into his delicious, magical recipes.

Today, every dish in Dr. Ali’s Restaurant represents a mouth-watering legacy to this local legend. The cuisine is simple, fresh and innovative – and the first of its kind in the Maldives. Drawing on the country’ strategic location at the crossing points of the Indian Ocean, the South China Sea and the Arabian Gulf, three distinctive living rooms reflect the sumptuous eclectic cultures and cuisines of these regions. The authentic flavours, colours and aromas of the curries and tandoori dishes from the Indian Ocean menu truly capture the spirit of the finest regional fare. Sample the delights of Shangri-La’s signature Cantonese cuisine and Tangy Vietnamese favourites masterfully prepared and presented in elegant oriental settings. When it comes to Middle Eastern gastronomy, you can feast on tagines, kebabs, pita bread and numerous Lebanese dips.

The restaurant’s architecture is inspired by Dr Ali`s mansion and adorned with ancient furniture from his house. The experience is truly memorable, a feast for the senses, an invitation to travel, filled with culinary discoveries in an intimate warm atmosphere. And what better way to end a glorious meal than by sitting back in the intimate opulence of Dr. Ali’s Bar, relaxing with an oriental mint tea or your favourite cocktail, to the sound of the lounge music.


Dr. Ali’s kitchen is helmed by four specialty chefs.

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Our Creations