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Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta Welcomes the Year of the Horse

Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta Welcomes the Year of the Horse

Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta welcomes the arrival of the Spring Festival with a range of dining indulgences.  The Spring Festival is one of the three most important festivals in the Chinese lunar calendar, along with the Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Also known as Chinese New Year, the year of the horse’s rule starts on 31 January 2014.  Shang Palace, the hotel’s Cantonese Chinese restaurant, will become the heart of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Chinese New Year’s Eve is traditionally the time for families to gather in a festive feast and embrace the upcoming year.  Shang Palace offers three exclusive Chinese New Year set menus for guests to enjoy from 30 January to 12 February 2014.  The set menu options are:


  • Prosperity set menuRp. 988,000++ per person 
  • Longevity set menuRp. 1,388,000++ per person 
  • Happiness set menuRp. 1,988,000++ per person 


As an appreciation to guests who celebrate the Lunar New Year dining in at Shang Palace, the hotel presents a voucher of 20 per cent off for guest’s event with the minimum of 50 people which valid from 1 February 2014 to 16 February 2015.

A dish that is precious to the Chinese community, especially during Chinese New Year, is the Yu Sheng, a colourful salad served with raw fish (literally, yu means fish and sheng means raw).  Raw fish symbolises new life, while the word yu is used also to represent welfare.

Eating Yu Sheng can be quite a spectacle.  Diners gathered around the table can participate in mixing the Yu Sheng.  Using chopsticks, diners mix the salad and raw fish together.  Once the salad and the fish have been mixed, they raise a small amount of the dish using chopsticks and exclaim, “Lo hei,” which can be translated as “to mix” and as “for a never-ending fortune.”

This exquisite dish can be enjoyed from 13 January to 14 February 2014 with options of:


  • AbaloneRp. 888,000++ (medium) and Rp. 1,388,000++ (large) 
  • LobsterRp. 688,000++ (medium) and Rp. 888,000++ (large) 
  • SalmonRp. 188,000++ (medium) and Rp. 328,000++ (large) 


Chinese tradition calls for a special cake to be present during the Chinese New Year celebrations.  This cake is called Nian Gao, which means increasing prosperity year in and year out, and symbolises good fortune.  During the Chinese New Year, it is believed that the kitchen gods will come to each household and evaluate the family that lives there.  The kitchen gods will then send the scores to the Jade Emperor in heaven.  The taste of the Nian Gao will also reflect on the score reported by the kitchen gods.  The sweeter the Nian Gao, the better score the family will have.  It is said that the Nian Gao, being a sticky cake, will most likely keep the kitchen gods’ mouths closed, so all that can be reported to the Jade Emperor is a smile (due to the Nian Gao’s sweetness). 

The Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta’s Nian Gao is available at SATOO Deli and Shang Palace for Rp. 288,000+.

Meanwhile for guests who want to celebrate the New Year in the comfort of their own home, Shang Palace offers a range of Chinese New Year specialities to be order and take away. The take away delectable options are Poon Choi (a traditional one-pot Chinese dish of Cantonese origin, layered and topped with an assortment of seafood delicacies fit for royalty), suckling pig, Peking duck and yu sheng. These New Year delicacies are available from 13 January to 14 February 2014 with prices starting from Rp. 488,000+.

For guests who order our Chinese New Year Specialities for take away, the hotel extend a voucher of 20 per cent off on a la carte and set menu which valid from 31 January to 14 February 2014. 

To share the joy of Chinese New Year with family, friends and loved ones, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta offers two types of hampers containing festive goodies.  The Imperial Hamper is available at Rp. 1,888,000+ and the Dynasti Hamper at Rp. 1,288,000+.

To add to the merriment of the celebration, lion dancers and dragon dancers will spread the festive spirit around Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta and its restaurants on Chinese New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year’s Day.

During the celebration festivity, guests can also make a positive impact by purchasing a wish card for Rp50,000nett/each with a chance for guests to be rewarded a special prize of their choice and all money raised goes to the hotel’s CSR fund to support the EMBRACE project, Shangri-La’s Care for People Project. 

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