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Shang Palace at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta Offers Hearty Weekend Dim Sum Brunch

Shang Palace at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta Offers Hearty Weekend Dim Sum Brunch

Renowned for its daily All-You-Can-Eat Dim Sum Lunch, where guest can choose as many as they like from the a la carte style menu, Shang Palace has enhanced its buffet offers by serving a semi-buffet Dim Sum Brunch every Saturday and Sunday.

The Weekend Dim Sum Brunch is specially prepared by Executive Chinese Chef Benson Fok and Shang Palace Dim Sum Chef Poon Wai Kit for guests to enjoy over the weekend.

Located at the centre of the main dining area, the buffet offers an extensive selection of dim sum, congee, soup, cold appetisers and desserts. Guests can enjoy a wide variety of steamed dim sum, such as Chang Fen (Steamed Rice Rolls) with choices of beef, prawn or barbecued pork; Har Gao (Steamed Shrimp Dumplings); Steamed Chicken Claws with Black Pepper; Steamed Bun with Custard Egg Yolk; Steamed Beef Balls with Bean Curd Skin; or the traditional Siu Mai.

Those who favour fried dumplings can find Deep-Fried Yam filled with Pork and Seafood; Pan-Fried Turnip Cake with Chicken Floss; Pan-Fried Chicken and Vegetable Bun; Deep-Fried Glutinous Skin Puffs with Assorted Seafood; Crab Stick with Prawn Fritters; and Barbecued Pork Puff Pastries.

Guests can also find the heart-warming congee, such as Fresh Grouper Fillet Congee or Century Egg and Shredded Chicken Congee. A selection of soup, such as Pumpkin Soup with Minced Chicken, Fish Maw Soup with Sweet Corn or the popular Sweet and Sour Soup, is also available.

The buffet also has cold appetisers, such as Baby Octopus Salad and other salads; such desserts as Egg Tart, Mango Pudding and Sesame Balls; as well as Iced Lemon Tea and an Ice Cream corner.

Aside from the brunch served at the buffet spread, guests can also choose from the special weekend brunch menu. Dishes include the juicy Xiao Long Bao with choices of beef, XO sauce and crab meat and pork. Rice and noodle dishes include Fried Rice with Salted Fish, Yang Zhou Fried Rice, Wok-Fried Fujian Noodles with Prawn and Barbecued Pork and Braised E-Fu Noodles with Shredded Fish Maw in Abalone Sauce. Some of the hot dishes are Wok-Fried with Salted Egg Yolk, Crispy Prawn with Mayonnaise, Steamed Fish in Black Bean Sauce, Crispy Spare Ribs with Spiced Salt and Traditional Ma Po Tofu. The roast selections include chicken, duck and pork.

The Weekend Dim Sum Brunch is available every Saturday and Sunday for Rp208,000++ per person and includes free-flowing Chinese tea.

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