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Eight Great Chefs from Summer Palace Present Their Special Dishes

From 10 April to 29 May 2013, eight great chefs from Summer Palace at Shangri-La Hotel, Fuzhou will offer three special dishes to local guests and bring them a fantastic food tasting experience.

Profiles of the eight great chefs and their recommended dishes:

Chinese Executive Chef Win Ma is a master of Cantonese cuisine with over 32 years kitchen work and management experience. He has worked for many international hotel brands and has been named China's Famous Chef by American Lion Club and has received the Tokyo Toin Award.  Chef Ma’s special dishes include Homemade Salted Chicken, Curry Beef Brisket and Baked Baby Lobster with Ginger and Carrot Sauce.  The Homemade Salted Chicken is very popular among Hong Kong’s upper society for its velvety chicken.

Assistant Executive Chinese Chef Tommy Li has 31 years kitchen work experience.  He used to work in Guangzhou and Shanghai International hotel brands.  Chef Li’s special dishes include Braised Fish Maw and Bird’s Nest with Dried Scallop, “Shunde” Style Pan-Fried Eel and Steamed Chicken with Chinese Herbs.  Chef Li selects thick fish maw and fine birds’ nest to create the highly recommended and nourishing Braised Fish Maw and Bird’s Nest with Dried Scallop.

Cantonese Cuisine Chef Daniel Liang has 24 years work experience.  His special dishes include Fried Snake Meat with Spiced Salt, Fried Pomfret with Coffee and Fried Spare Rib with Honey Sauce.  Fried Snake Meat with Spiced Salt is made from a kind of Southeast Asian water snake called seal snake.  It is the best season to taste this dish because it when its meat is juicy, especially with spiced salt.

Min Cuisine Chef Tacky Zheng has 20 years work experience.  He has been with Shangri-La Hotel, Fuzhou since its pre-opening until now.  He has devoted himself to Min Cuisine’s inheritance and creation.  His special dishes include Braised Healthy Cereals with Seafood and Chinese Herbs, Bean Curd Skin Roll Stuffed Pork and Onions and Steamed Yellow Croaker with Ginger, Green Onion and Wine Lees.

The Steamed Yellow Croaker with Ginger, Green Onion and Wine Lees came from Lin Zexu’s banning opium story.  When Lin Zexu’s mother became seriously ill, she liked to eat yellow croaker. Lin Zexu prepared several Xiamen yellow croakers and preserved them in distillers.  His recipe became popular and is being used to date.

Cantonese Cuisine Chef Mike Chen, with 20 years work experience, is an expert on sautéed food.  His special dishes are Fried Shredded Goose Liver and Beef with Shallot and Black Peppers, Sautéed Sea Whelk with Shallot and Braised Fish Head with Soy Sauce in Pot.

Cantonese Cuisine Chef Peter Gu has 20 years roasting work experience.  His special dishes include Roasted Lamb Chops with Cumin and Shallot, Barbecued Pork and Salted Duck.  Salted Duck is a traditional dish in Guangdong.  Chef Gu uses hot salt to bake the duck to retain the meat’s freshness and make it more delicious.

Cantonese Cuisine Chef Frank Zhang has 19 years kitchen work experience.  He used to work in Shenzhen and Hainan.  His special dishes are Braised Chinese Cabbage with Dried Seafood and Sliced Chicken, Braised Duck with Plum Sauce and Cola and Braised Pork with Homemade Sauce.

Pastry Chef Alex Chen has 19 years kitchen work experience.  All the delicate dim sum at Summer Palace is his artwork.  His recommended dim sums include Fried Shrimp Meat and Vegetable Dumplings, Deep-Fried Shredded Yam Puff and Portuguese-Style Egg Tarts.

The award-winning Summer Palace is considered one of the Shangri-La group’s signature restaurants.  In 2005, Summer Palace won the award for Best Performance, Chinese Restaurant among the Shangri-La group.  It offers diners a delectable choice of traditional and fusion Cantonese and Min cuisines, boasting 19 garden-view and sunlight private dining rooms that are perfect for both family gatherings and business entertainment.

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