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Shangri-La Hotel, Dalian Holds Seventh Winter Charity Ball

Dalian, China, 4 December 2015 – Shangri-La Hotel, Dalian’s annual Winter Charity Ball, held in partnership with the International Club of Dalian and AmCham Northeast China Chapter, is on its seventh year.  The event has become one of the key events in the city since its inception in 2009.

Nearly 700 guests from the main local domestic and foreign enterprises were in attendance.  The event raised a round total of RMB350, 000 for three charity organisations: Dalian Little Dolphin Recovery Centre, Rixing Social Welfare Institution and Wang Dajie Elderly Care Home.

Thanks to the generous support and donations of its participants for seven years, the Winter Charity Ball received strong support from Xiamen Airlines, Vitup Health Care Holdings Inc., Volkswagen New Mobility Services Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Fidelity Business Services (Dalian) Ltd., Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Le Belier (Dalian) Foundry Co., Ltd., Intel Semiconductor (Dalian) Ltd. and so on.

Aside from the ticket sales, a charity auction at the end of the evening brought an excited buzz to the atmosphere.  Auctioned items included round-trip flight tickets and room stays at various Shangri-La hotels and resorts all over Asia, fine jewellery and a laptop.

The funds raised at the Winter Charity Ball will be used to help the three charity organisations with facility upgrades, teachers’ professional training, new study equipment purchase and daily operations.

Little Dolphin Recovery Centre is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the rehabilitation training of children with autism in Dalian.  The centre was established in May 2006 and covers an area of 1,400 square metres of institutions.  At present, it has 60 autistic children in its programme and 16 professional teachers.  Nine years since it was founded, the centre has carried out effective intervention and rehabilitation training for more than 300 children with autism, majority of who have improved in various abilities.  The recovery centre has received much praise from parents and the community.

Rixing Social Welfare Institution is a non-profit organisation dedicated to adopting orphans.  It was founded by Ms. Lin Jie in August 1997.  A very successful business woman during the 1990s, Ms Lin cares about social charity.  She adopted an abandoned baby in 1993 because she, too, used to be an orphan.  After that, she thought of doing more for the children’s welfare, so she spent more than a RMB100,000 to found an orphanage in1997.  To date, she has adopted more than 75 orphans.  Some have already grown up and married.

Wang Da Jie Elderly Care Home is a public-run non-profit organisation which has obtained the approval of and archival filing by the Jinzhou New Area Civil Affairs Bureau.  It was founded in June 2006 by Ms. Wang Yi Ning, who became an orphan at the age of 13 when lost her parents.  She was raise through the unselfish help and support of her neighbourhood.  Thus, at the beginning of her business success, she became concerned about the social charity.  She established Wang Da Jie Elderly Care Home to support the homeless elderly with no income and treat them as her own parents.


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