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Kerry Hotel, Beijing Showcases Delectable Mooncakes

Kerry Hotel, Beijing Showcases Delectable Mooncakes

Savor these sweet delights at Kerry Hotel, Beijing as we offer a variety of flavors, all beautifully packaged in elegant yet trendy boxes. Choose your favorite from our 12 choices of boxes to gift family members, friends or business partners. For a more comprehensive combination, there is also a choice of three stylish hampers that comes with an assortment of treats such as Puer Tea Box, Chinese Sausages, Yellow Wine, Moutai, Red Wine and Veuve Clicquot Champagne.
The hotel offers some of the traditional flavors, such as the silky fine White Lotus with Egg Yolk and the fragrant Red Bean Paste. There are also sugar-free options such as Sugar Free Pumpkin and Sugar Free Black Sesame for those who prefer their mooncakes a little less sweet. Another specialty is the Chao Zhou-style mooncake, baked in a spiral-shaped thin crust with soft and sweet fillings. 
Kerry Hotel, Beijing also offers a special mooncake “box” for the little ones. Four pieces of Disney-stamped mooncakes are packed in a stylish sling bag featuring the iconic Mickey design. Children will love the flavors which are Momoyama Chocolate, Momoyama Chestnut, Momoyama Purple Sweet Potato and Momoyama Taro. This gift can also help to encourage children to appreciate this festival.
Guests can purchase these beautifully packaged mooncake gift boxes at the hotel’s Mooncake Counter located outside of Horizon Chinese Restaurant in the Kerry Mall. Prices start from RMB98 per box. Early bird purchases placed before 24 August 2017 will receive 10% discount. For orders and more information, please call 8565 2188. 


2011年2月にオープンした浦東 ケリーホテル 上海とケリーホテル 北京は、多目的複合ビルの周囲の環境とシームレスに融合しています。広範囲にわたるスポーツ・ウェルネス施設や、トレンディーなダイニング施設のコンセプトは、一人ひとりのライフスタイルのニーズを重視したクオリティの高い5つ星ホテルを求める、若さや活気がみなぎる旅行者の皆様に応えています。ケリーホテルは、熱意あるおもてなしをスタイリッシュに提供いたします。





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