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Shangri-La Hotel, Beihai Celebrates Nature's Bounty with Special Menus and Dining Events

Beihai, China, 1 April 2015 – Shangri-La Hotel, Beihai celebrates nature’s bounty with special menus at Shang Palace and Coffee Garden.  The culinary team has prepared exceptional dishes made with sustainable ingredients sourced from some of the best local purveyors.

Shang Palace offers a Rooted in Nature eight-course set menu.  Chinese Chef Martin Wang has selected vegetables, livestock and sustainably sourced seafood to create healthy and delicious courses.  Local specialties will be cooked innovatively, such as Baked Sandworm with Aral Sea Duck Eggs, Fried Sea Pork with Hot Peppers and Steamed Grain Chicken with Black Truffle.  Guests can enjoy the exquisite cuisine made from fine ingredients with the splendid sea view outside the window.

Coffee Garden presents a Rooted in Nature buffet counter.  Fresh vegetables and fruits will be displayed together with the international buffet counter.  Dishes featuring green items can be enjoyed at the salad, fruit and pizza stations.  Guests will find organic items, such as cucumber, cherry tomatoes and peppers, labelled with a Rooted in Nature tag.

To ensure that the food is sustainable, the hotel has sourced organic items from local farms.  He Pu Cereal Breeding Farm, for example, feeds its chickens with rice, corn and wheat bran environment.  Beihai Lv Xin Co-op Farm is another local purveyor producing green vegetables, such as cucumber, cabbage, pepper and tomato.  Litian Biological Technology Development (Hepu) Co., Ltd is one of the sustainable local purveyors providing the hotel with organic oranges, which are also exported abroad.

This April, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts will mark the global rollout of its culinary sustainability initiative, Rooted in Nature, by hosting a month-long celebration of the group’s exceptional food purveyors.  From small farms in the Maldives to fishing villages in Malaysia, the hotels will recognise the farmers, fisherman and ranchers that make dining at Shangri-La not only delicious, but also sustainable.

Special Rooted in Nature events and promotions taking place at all Shangri-La and Kerry hotels will highlight sustainable sources of produce, fish and meat found on the hotels’ menus year-round and celebrate the purveyors who responsibly steward the land and sea to provide Shangri-La chefs the best possible ingredients.  Dishes on offer will include produce and herbs grown on hotel grounds, locally sourced organic vegetables and fruits, line-caught fish, poultry and beef, honey from a hotel’s own beehive and more.

About Rooted in Nature
Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts operates 89 hotels around the world in diverse locations – from Hong Kong to Paris, from Tokyo to Sydney, from Kota Kinabalu to Guilin.  In 2014, the group introduced Rooted in Nature, a culinary initiative highlighting locally or ethically sourced food offerings.  The initiative recognises the differences in the group’s locations and enables all Shangri-La hotels and resorts to incorporate sustainable items from their unique markets into their menus.  Diners can identify Rooted in Nature menu items by spotting the pea shoot logo   beside the dish description on a la carte menus and café stations at all-day dining restaurants and selected specialty restaurants.  Rooted in Nature items on the menu must meet one or more of five guidelines with an ingredient that is prominent in that dish.

“Shangri-La is committed to promoting greater traceability and transparency of where our food sources come from by working with local and sustainable providers.  By 2020, our goal is to serve 75 per cent more sustainably sourced food on our menus,” said Peter Finnegan, Shangri-La’s group director of food and beverage.  “Through the Rooted in Nature dining experience, we invite guests to join us in embracing and celebrating the benefits that sustainable food brings us.”

With Shangri-La’s Rooted in Nature initiative, the luxury hotel group aims to:
• support local agricultural and fishing communities
• buy chemical local produce
• source from livestock and poultry products where possible
• acquire sustainably sourced seafood that are caught through ethical means
• and serve organic and fair trade products indicated by national and local food safety standards

Further information on Rooted in Nature can be found here.






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