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Traders Hotel Dubai Joins UAEDSA 7th Boccia Tournament

Traders Hotel, Dubai (THDB) joined the UAE Down Syndrome Association (UAEDSA) in its 7th Boccia Tournament held at the Dubai Rehabilitation Centre for the Disabled on 25 February 2014.  As part of the hotel’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign in sustaining the local community’s development, THDB has been actively involved with the activities of UAEDSA for 3 years.  This year, THDB once again sponsored beverages and lunch packs for the children and their caretakers during the full-day event.

Nineteen (19) volunteers from THDB, including the Executive Committee, helped distribute the lunch packs to the children and all other adults who radiated grateful smiles and uttered “thank you” as if they had received presents.  The brightly painted hall was filled with the cheerfulness of a one big family as everyone gathered to enjoy the hearty meals prepared especially by the hotel’s chefs.  The crowd consisting of people from different races, religions, organisations and social statuses composed an environment of caring people for the differently abled children, nurturing their delicate minds and personalities – the very essence of THDB’s CSR objectives in collaboration with UAEDSA.

The Boccia tournament is an annual inter-emirate sports event organised by the UAEDSA that aims to help the children develop their motion skills, concentration, self-esteem and social integration.  In addition, this event is intended to promote unity among the special needs rehabilitation centres across the country.  Eight-eight (88) children with Down syndrome participated in the tournament, and around 200 coaches, caretakers, parents and volunteers supported them.

During the event, THDB General Manager Stephan Kapek and Human Resources Director Yvonne Wang exchanged views with UAEDSA’s board members, who were much grateful for the assistance extended to the association.  THDB’s management team is further exploring additional activities to work with UAEDSA, showing genuine dedication in helping create a better quality of life for the children and their families.

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