Caring for Elderly Who Live Alone

In response to the charity project " We are your family" of Shangri-La Group, Shangri-La Yuanqu, Suzhou actively carries out a series of activities to visit the elderly living alone.

Since February 2022, We monitored developments on the coronavirus-related pneumonia outbreak very closely and were in touch with community staff to ensure we can assistant the Elderly Who Live Alone during their daily life.

On March 15th, the hotel volunteers immediately brought the first batch of supplies to Mr Chu’s home, including fresh vegetables and other necessities. Except these, there was a card full of blessings written by hotel colleagues, hoping that the epidemic will be end as soon as possible, and wishing Mr. Chu will always be healthy and happy.

At the same time, the hotel volunteers also helped Mr.Chu clean his home and reminded him to pay attention to personal protection every day. He was very happy and thanked the volunteers. All colleagues of Shangri-La Yuanqu, Suzhou will continue to care for the elderly living alone.


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