Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
At Edsa Shangri-La, Manila, we believe that caring for the planet and its people for generations to come is everyone’s responsibility. And that is why our journey has been defined by meaningful collaborations and thoughtfully curated touch points designed for our sustainable operations.
Our Nature to Care for the Planet
Our Nature to Care for the Planet

We Care A Whole Bunch | Our Banana Bread Story

A well-loved recipe since 1992, Edsa Shangri-La, Manila’s banana bread is a lovingly concocted culinary heritage that has been enjoyed by our guests from generation to generation. Standing the test of time and forming part of heartwarming moments and celebrations, the journey of the banana bread begins in the bountiful land of Davao with bananas grown by indigenous farmers. Thoughtfully hand-picked, it is made with passion and freshly baked daily with locally sourced ingredients combined with wholesome joys all rooted in nature.


Sustainable Gastronomy

What’s the CATCH at HEAT by Edsa Shangri-La, Manila? Flavourful gastronomy with heart as we advocate for corporate social responsibility through fresh seafood sustainably sourced and enjoyed in an interactive dining experience from fresh from the tanks or crates on display to ingredients cooked your way in HEAT’s open kitchen theaters.

Discover the taste of fresh and organic bites from juicy heirloom tomatoes to yummy fresh greens care of HEAT’s hydroponic garden where ingredients are harvested in love, rooted in nature.

All dining experiences at Edsa Shangri-La have been guided by Rooted in Nature, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts’ sustainably gastronomy initiative. Guests and diners may see featured dishes and plant based options that carry that Rooted in Nature mark in our menus.

In our commitment towards sustainable gastronomy, we are happy to share that Edsa Shangri-La uses 100% cage-free eggs, from savoury selections to decadent desserts. A safer and more sustainable option, our culinary team remains committed towards collaborating with suppliers similarly passionate towards responsible sourcing.


Green Stays

Guests are encouraged to participate in our Green Stay program where they can choose to skip daily housekeeping to help conserve resources and save the environment. To continue in providing a clean, eco-friendly, and hygienic stay, full housekeeping on selected days.

The use of biodegradable materials has become part of the hotel experience with the elimination of single-use plastic and mindful replacement of alternative materials for our utensils and packaging.

エンブレイス - 新たな始まり
エンブレイス - 新たな始まり
バランガイハイウェイヒルズ、バランガイアディションヒルズ、マンダルヨンシティにあるウナンハクバン財団(UHF) は、恵まれない子供達が可能性を認識し、生活オプションを広げ、権限を与えられ、与える大人へと成長するよう支援している非営利団体です。マンダルヨンシティ、パンパンガ、カマリンシュールなど、フィリピンの主なロケーションで学習センターを運営しています。財団は1,000名以上の子供達や若者に、学習や地域社会とのかかわりの機会を与えています。


エドサ シャングリ・ラ マニラは、ワクチンや定期的な健康診断などの医療プログラムや、指導、個別指導、基本的な読み書き能力学習講習、芸術、スポーツプログラム、話語りコミュニティ、給食プログラム、その他楽しいアクティビティにおいてウナンハクバン財団を支援しています。ホテルは、バランガイアディションヒルズの多目的センターの建築や、学用品、スポーツ器具、図書室の建築を通じて支援を広げています。個別指導クラスや地域社会をベースとした読解講習、スポーツアクティビティのボランティア活動も行っています。家族の生活を向上させるため、子供達の母親向けにライフスキルシリーズを実施しています。


エドサ シャングリ・ラ マニラの社会的責任アクティビティや取り組みについて学んだり、ウナンハクバン財団へ訪れませんか。アシスタントコミュニケーションマネージャーのイナー・マナレイセイ 電話:(63 2) 633 8888 内線 2912 までお問合せください。
Our Nature to Care for People | Kythe Foundation
Our Nature to Care for People | Kythe Foundation

Edsa Shangri-La, Manila continues all heart in the name of service for our guests and members of the community. For our young friends at Kythe Foundation, Inc. (KFI) the hotel continues its philanthropic work with KFI with the “Adopt-a-Patient” Program.

The hotel adopted seven (7) newly diagnosed cancer patients and another seven (7) child cancer patients under maintenance phase and will provide monthly financial support to fully cover their medical treatment ranging from laboratory fees, transportation to medical appointments, medicines, medical procedures and all other expenses needed to attend to the medical condition of our young friends and big C fighters.


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