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China World Mall

An important part of CWTC, CWM is the top-notch one stop shopping mall in Beijing, providing a wide variety of choices for mid to high-end consumers. From fashion to dining, from lifestyle to entertainment, CWM maintains its mid to high end positioning, boosting abundant choices of fashionable brands, food and beverages outlets, entertainment, and many more experiential attractions. The unparalleled retail mix offers a truly unforgettable shopping experience.

The sixth-floor outdoor terrace of Guomao Shopping Mall boasts a pleasant atmosphere, blending modern design with natural elements. It adds a fresh touch to this urban oasis, offering a warm and tranquil ambiance while overlooking the CBD cityscape. It allows people to relax and enjoy the urban beauty amid their shopping fatigue.

NO.1 Jianguomenwai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Opening Hours : 10:00-22:00

Beijing Fun 

Beijing Fun opened in 2018 and is positioned as a "Chinese Life Experience Zone"; you can see both restored old Baroque-style buildings and traditional Chinese courtyard elements, while adding new trendy buildings with modern lines. Here you can feel the perfect fusion of ancient architecture and modern brands.

No.21 House, Qianmen Langfangtoutiao, Xicheng District

Open Hours: All day

Qianmen Street

Being a famous commercial street of Beijing, Qianmen Street is located on the central axis of urban Beijing. As the crucial gateway for entering the inner city and hub of Qianmen business district, Qianmen Street ties Dashilan, Xianyukou Gourmet Street, Xiheyan Streets, circling the important business area with strong characteristics. With a history spanning centuries, Qianmen Street is home to many time-honored brands, such as Quanjude, Refosian and Zhangyiyuan. If you want to enjoy the most authentic Beijing-style delicacies, Qianmen is your choice.

Opening Hours : 10:00-22:00


100004 No.1 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Beijing


(86 10) 6505 2299

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