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Dragon Roll

Dragon Roll


  • 150g baby lobster
  • 50g tempura flour
  • 50g water, ice-cold
  • 150g sushi rice, cooked
  • 1 pc nori
  • 30g tamago         
  • 30g kyuri
  • 1 pack unagi
  • 1/2 ripe mango
  • 1 pc hokki-gai
  • 20g tobiko green
  • 20g tobiko red
  • 200ml soya oil


  1. Combine tempura flour and cold water to create tempura batter.
  2. Heat soya oil to 180°C. Dredge lobster meat in a little flour and dip in tempura batter, deep fry.
  3. Cook tempura until golden brown. Remove from oil and rest on paper towels or on a dry strainer.
  4. Deep fry lobster head.
  5. Lay out nori on a clean and dry chopping board, keeping the rough side up. Carefully layer the rice over the nori sheet.
  6. Invert nori sheet and put tamago, kyuri and lobster tempura in the middle.
  7. Roll tightly and secure with a makisu (bamboo mat). Set aside.
  8. Carefully, slice unagi and ripe mango in a diagonal fashion. Lightly broil unagi.
  9. Place hokki-gai on top of the roll and alternate with the unagi and mango.
  10. Secure the roll using the makisu and slice into pieces.
  11. Arrange the sliced roll on a plate and serve with the fried lobster head on the side.

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