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SkyBar unveils a sexier, hotter look

It could never have been accused of being staid or stale but SkyBar at Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur has just upped the stylish stakes with its fabulously fashionable brand-spanking new look.

Perched on the 33rd floor of Traders Hotel, this perennial favourite of KL’s party people has emerged from its chrysalis with two gleaming new bars, a revamped seating area and a culinary bay for food preparation. The signature 26m-long pool remains the undisputed centrepiece of SkyBar, an oasis of blue amidst the polished glass and steel fittings. In the day time, the afternoon sun plays hide and seek with the blinds, brilliant shafts of light spearing into the calm, cool bar interior. Overhead, the Big Ass fan whirrs lazily, and as you sip your refreshing Mojito, all is well with the world.

Come 6pm and this calm in the midst of chaotic KL vamps up in preparation for a night of revelry. With the setting sun as a backdrop, couples slide into the updated intimate cabanas, fingers entwined as they share a bottle of champagne or indulge in a cocktail or two. The droves are drawn in, their fancy frocks and smart suits a perfect match for the sophisticated evening ahead. Sinking into the plump cushions of the sofas, they feast their eyes on the breath-taking views of the glittery KL skyline, dominated by the iconic Petronas Twin Towers.

The high chairs and tables which seat four play home to more casual party-goers, popping in for an after-work drink or catching up with old friends. They sip at their signature cocktails as the gentle breeze from the open windows adds a touch of cool to a sultry night. Delectable morsels from the new tapas menu are nibbled on.

The two new light up bars gleam with bottles of the finest spirits while hidden in the fridges, bottles of champagne nestle to Sauvignon Blanc. KL’s finest mixologists are in a frenzy of measuring, muddling, tipping and pouring. Have the refreshing zingy frozen margarita which is subtly scented with lime or the sublime vodka-based Lychee Rose, as delicate as its name suggests, made with lychee liqueur, lychee syrup and rose syrup.

The gentle throb of upbeat music gives way to classic dance as the night goes on and revelries are tuned up a notch as the people stop watching and come out to play. As SkyBar hosts international DJs from time to time, the music draws dancers to the floor and soon it heaves with a butterfly-like flickering throng of people.

The transformation is complete. Effortless, cool, undeniably chic and unassumingly magnetic, the superlatives trip off the tongue when describing the newly-refurbished SkyBar at Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Hotter, sexier and cooler than ever.

Experience the award-winning SkyBar, named “Best Malaysian Bar” in the 2007 edition of the prestigious Malaysian Tatler Society as well as being voted by the readers of Expatriate Lifestyle as “Best Bar in Malaysia” and “Best Hotel Bar” in the Best of Malaysia awards for three consecutive years, for yourself. You won’t regret it.

You've never been to KL unless you’ve been to SkyBar!

SkyBar has seating for 280 and standing room for 320. Enquiries for private events for up to 150 people are welcome. It is open from 10:00am to 1:00am, Sunday to Thursday, and from 10:00am to 3:00am, Friday, Saturday and the evening before public holidays.

For further information and reservations, please telephone the hotel on (60 3) 2332 9911 or send an e-mail to

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