Sri Lanka, Hambantota

Located down the southern coast of the island, this interesting port town has it all - a fascinating mix of rich biodiversity, pristine beaches, luxury resorts, and age-old heritage sites. With its amazing natural attractions, Hambantota is the best location to set up base for your perfect Sri Lankan adventure. You could embark on some thrilling, adrenaline-pumping excursions such as jungle safaris; or just laze the days away on idyllic beaches. A city rich in cultural diversity, get lost in the beauty of its historical sites, or witness and participate in a myriad of festivals and religious practices.

Yala National Park

Sri Lanka's most visited park is popular amongst nature lovers for having the world's highest density of majestic Sri Lankan leopards and frequent sightings of majestic elephants. Sloth bears, sambars, jackals, spotted deer, peacocks and crocodiles are often seen too.

Travel back in time by visiting Sithulpauwwa, a Buddhist rock temple, and Magul Maha Viharaya, where ancient folklore says an ancient king wed an abandoned princess.

River Boat Safari Down The Walawe River

Take a short yet enchanting Tuk Tuk ride to explore the Walawe River and its six varieties of mangroves, 52 fish species, 72 bird species, 38 plant varieties and 28 animal species. As the sun sets, watch tropical birds, langur monkeys, peacocks and other wildlife along the river banks.

Kirinda Temple

This imposing hilltop Buddhist shrine includes a stupa and huge standing Buddha, and gives beautiful views of the surrounding beach, the serene Indian Ocean, sand dunes, and Kirinda fishing harbour.

The temple is dedicated to Queen Viharamahadevi, who is at the heart of a local legend; when raging waters threatened, King Kelanitissa ordered his youngest daughter into a boat as a sacrifice. The waters were calmed and the princess miraculously survived.

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