Philippines, Boracay

Voted one of the best islands in the world, Boracay is famous for its endless stretches of white-powder beaches, crystal-blue waters and vibrant, exotic atmosphere. Striking a unique balance of urban creature comforts and natural wonders, the island is perfect for families. Colourful shops and restaurants dot the island, along with a wide variety of beach activities and water sports to delight the young and old. Nature-lovers will adore the scenic nature trails and diverse flora and fauna, which are best appreciated while hiking along the island’s tropical, hilly landscape.

White Beach

Postcard perfect with its world-famous powdery white sand, swaying palm trees and gentle sea breeze, Boracay’s most popular and sought-after beach is a little slice of paradise on earth.

White Beach stretches 4 kilometres on the western side of the island, and has something for everyone with a generous sprinkling of entertainment and dining options. From water sports, bars, dive shops and restaurants, this beach caters to all fancies and desires. Hop on a catamaran to enjoy a leisurely boat ride through the secretive coves and alcoves of the surrounding islands.

Water Sports

Take your vacation up a notch and get your heart racing with exhilarating water activities that are bound to set your inner child free. The options seem limitless - go banana boating, fly fishing, jetskiing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, or parasailing, all while soaking in unforgettable panoramic views of the island.

Or make a splash, quite literally. Don your wet suit and enter a mystical underwater world by snorkelling, free diving or scuba diving to pay the colorful marine life there a visit.

Sunset Paraw Sailing

There's no better way to experience the island's romantic watercolour sunsets than riding the clear blue waves of the Sulu Sea on board a traditional outrigger boat crafted of wood and bamboo. Whisk your family and loved ones along, and feel like a true seafarer of old with the salty breeze in your hair, and the sun beams kissing your face. As the sun dips beyond the horizon, and a collective hush descends upon the boat, enjoy a truly priceless, magical moment with those you hold dear.

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