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SK-II Essential Trial Kit

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1. Facial Treatment Essence (75ml)
SK-II’s signature product, it contains over 90% Pitera™ that enhances skin regeneration to make skin breathtakingly crystal clear. It exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities, while increasing skin's ability to absorb nutrients from other skincare products.
Reduces appearance of wrinkles and age spots and enhances firmness and radiance.

2. Skin Power Cream (15g)
Using Pitera™ Technology with Infinite Power Technology - precious plant essence, such as lilies and peony, skin is nourished and protected from external stressors, maintaining the beauty and healthiness of youthful skin.

3. Facial Treatment Mask (1 piece)
It is an intensive moisture-boosting mask formulated with signature ingredient Pitera™ that enhances skin regeneration. Deeply hydrates your skin, just like having a facial treatment, leaving skin noticeably more radiant, soft and crystal clear.
The cotton mask is soft and allows it to fit your face like a second skin and the essence is more easily absorbed by the skin.
Increases moisture levels of your skin, reduces appearance of wrinkles and age spots, and enhances firmness and radiance.

4. Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser (20g)
A face cleansing foam which contains Pitera™ and white willow extract. Infused with rose scent, it has a good foaming ability to reach deeply into and cleanse pores and effectively remove residue makeup, leaving skin clean, smooth and moisturized.
Exfoliates and refines pores for a silky-smooth, supple skin, while maintaining moisture without feeling dry after cleansing.

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