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Taipei, July 14, 2016 – Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei has launched its 2016 “Under the Moonlight” mooncake selection, which is now available for pre-orders.

This year, the hotel not only presents the all-time favorite Custard Mooncake, Classic Cantonese Mooncake and creative Green Tea Egg Yolk Pastry Mooncake, but also launches special-edition mooncake gift boxes with well-known brand Franz, as well as an exclusive-for-pets mooncake box for all kinds of occasions during this special festival.

All mooncake gift boxes may be ordered now and picked up from August 20 (except for the Green Tea Egg Yolk Pastry).  Early-bird or large-amount preferential offers are also available. To order or for more information, guests may call (02) 2376 3278.

“Under the Moonlight” Mooncake Gift Box introduction:

Franz-Nobility NT$3,888 / four pieces (limited to 100 boxes)
These precious gifts are exclusively prepared for the precious friends and families.  Joining hands with well-known brand Franz and taking inspiration from the beauty of the Orient, this gift box showcasing gracefulness and elegance.  It includes four flavors: White Lotus Seed Paste with Egg Yolk, Mixed Grain, Walnut and Taro Mooncake, and Sweet Potato and Yam.

Bird’s Nest Custard Mooncake NT$1,088 / eight pieces
Freshly hand-made by Shang Palace’s dim sum chef and awarded by the local media as the mooncake for years, the Bird’s Nest Custard Mooncake is the all-time favorite hot-selling item.  The custard sauce is made of milk, coconut milk, sugar, egg and butter, which have to be stirred every five minutes while steaming.  The bird’s nest, added after the sauce cools down, gives the mooncake a different texture that brings satisfaction to a higher level.

Custard Mooncake NT$988 / eight pieces
The exclusive custard sauce and the red-yolk duck egg and kaoliang liqueur deliver a balanced taste between salty and sweet.  A bite full of aromatic and smooth stuffing is just right to share with friends and families.

Doggie Lover NT$688 / four pieces (limited to 500 boxes)
Exclusive for pets, this mooncake box is delicately made with sweet potato, carrot, potato and fried local beef.  Without any seasoning, it is nutritious and safe for pets to enjoy during a special Moon Festival.  Out of every box sold, NT$100 will be donated to Taiwan Guide Dog Association.

Classic Deluxe NT$988 / six pieces
Every family has fond memories of the classic mooncakes.  This box offers two pieces of selected flavors, such as White Lotus Seed Paste with Egg Yolk, Mixed Grain and Walnut and Taro, reminding everyone of the good old times.  The box shows a vivid image of the Mid-Autumn Festival, with the design inspired by an ancient Chinese window.

Green Tea Egg Yolk Pastry NT$988 / six pieces
Green Tea Egg Yolk Pastry, one of the favorite desserts from Shanghai Pavilion, is now available for the Mid-Autumn Festival gift box.  Hand-made with refined green tea powder, red bean paste and pine nuts, it is ideal for sharing and savoring.

Splendid Mooncake Hamper NT$3,600
To send out the warm regards, the hotel has prepared a special Splendid Mooncake Hamper with one Classic Mooncake Box, one bottle of selected Outback Jack red wine, Taiwanese Oolong Tea, imported jam, two pieces of pomelo and dried fruits.

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