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Sinfully by Makati Shangri-La, Manila Launches New Line of Eclairs

Sinfully by Makati Shangri-La, Manila Launches New Line of Eclairs

This April, Makati Shangri-La, Manila’s satellite patisserie in Greenbelt 5, Sinfully by Makati Shangri-La, launches a new signature line of éclairs, melding the classic French confectionary with traditional Filipino flavors such as Pandan, Ube and Mango. Also available are the archetypal Chocolate, Vanilla and Hazelnut flavors, as well as exciting fruit and floral flavors: Raspberry, Lemon and Orange Blossom.

An oblong-shaped choux pastry with custard filling and traditionally topped with a glaze, the éclair presents a kind of versatility Executive Pastry Chef Romain Renard is most excited about. “The possibilities for flavor and textural combinations are endless,” he states. Chef Renard takes full advantage of this as Sinfully by Makati Shangri-La’s first wave of éclairs come in an array of colors and designs, both sophisticated and whimsical.

Chef Renard predicts that after the recent craze of hybrid pastries, there will be a return to traditional desserts and delicacies that incite nostalgia and fond childhood memories. The éclair is known to be wel l-loved in France as being one of the first pastries one tries as a child. “We love it more than cake,” exclaims Chef Renard.

Renard further states that while it hasn’t quite garnered the same attention in recent years as the Macaron, the éclair is no humble dessert. For a treat that is named so because it is meant to be eaten quickly (the word éclair literally means “flash of lighting” in French), the making of an éclair is arduous work, requiring the kind of precision and skill that the chef brings with his many years of experience in some of the world’s best pastry kitchens.

Sinfully by Makati Shangri-La is located at the second floor of Greenbelt 5. For more information, please call the Communications Department at (63 2) 813 8888 or e-mail For exclusive hotel offers and updates, follow Makati Shangri-La, Manila on Facebook /MakatiShangriLa, and on Twitter and Instagram @MakatiShangriLa.