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Makati Shangri-La, Manila Presents Oyster Mondays at Circles Event Cafe

Makati Shangri-La, Manila Presents Oyster Mondays at Circles Event Cafe

Makati Shangri-La, Manila launches Oyster Mondays, a new weekly themed dinner buffet that highlights the best of oysters done in a variety of dishes, happening every Monday evening at Circles Event Café. 

Guests may enjoy some of the world’s best oysters in the dinner buffet, offering a slew of imported oysters, mostly flown in from France and different parts of Europe. Makati Shangri-La’s Area Executive Chef Paul Lenz explains that the season and the waters from these regions make for a perfect environment in cultivating oysters. “The best oysters are produced in winter season, when the water drops to freezing temperatures. They are at their prime at this time of year.” 

To satiate the appetite, the oysters are also served in a number of dishes for each section in the buffet. Diners may enjoy their oysters either in an amuse bouche with vegetable vinaigrette, mango salsa, Thai dressing or a simple squeeze of lemon. Going through the buffet, oyster dishes are available in each section starting with an oyster maki sushi rolled with narrow strips of tempura oyster, the seafood on ice counter featuring a minimum of 10 different kinds of oysters with the option to eat them raw or with different sauces, baked oyster with cheese and garlic, Rockefeller or Kilpatrick, oyster pizza with blue cheese, and oyster tempura in the Asian section.

The oyster-themed dinner buffet every Monday is priced at P1,635+++ per person. For inquiries and reservations, please call the Restaurant Reservations and InformationCenter at (632) 813 8888 or e-mail, or book a table online at