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Green Christmas at Rasa Ria

Green Christmas at Rasa Ria

Planting a new plant at the end of the festive season is a lovely tradition to start. This Christmas, Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Resort & Spa’s Housekeeping team have designed and created a simple Eco-friendly Christmas tree made from1000 local plants potted in upcycled plastic bottles brought in to the hotel by visitors and those washed ashore and collected during the daily beach cleaning by the resort’s team. Seven hundred plants for the Garden Wing Lobby and three hundred for the Ocean Wing Lobby. This initiative heralds our commitment to remain securely rooted with one of our environmental initiatives, the Plastic-Free campaign to help reduce our plastic footprints and caring for the community and the education of conservation and practices to protect our environment.

According to the research done by Plastic Disclosure Project (PDP), there are roughly 33% of plastic for single use and approximately 85% of total global plastic used is not recycled. Rasa Ria is the first hotel in the group to work with PDP in undertaking a baseline measurement of our plastic use and/or waster profile, so that we can better manage, reduce and benefit from the efficient use of plastic with less waste and higher recovery rates.

Rasa Ria have taken the first step to reduce our plastic footprints by implementing no plastic straws since February 2018 followed by eliminating single use plastic bottles in July. Since 2012, the resort built its in-house bottling plant that purifies water through filtration stages, producing still drinking water that is served throughout the resort. The 1.0 litre glass bottles of drinking water are designed to replace the use of plastic mineral water bottles. This process translated into a reduction of approximately 365 thousand of plastic drinking bottles per year. In addition, the resort have introduced a new foldable and reusable silicon water bottles made available for guests to purchase. The bottles are made from medical grade silicone and food grade PP, BPA-free, its foldable and easy to roll-up and fit inside a bag, Watering stations for still drinking water are installed around the resort for guests convenience.

Guests are invited to join hands with the resort to help highlight, support and inspire people to reuse and recycle plastic by replanting the plants at the end of the festive season. These will be planted within the resort including the Rasa Ria Reserve grounds where guests , meetings and events participants from various countries carry out their tree planting activities to support the resort’s initiatives in taking the lead In community to create a culture of deeper appreciation and understanding of biodiversity and the environment through education. The resort is ISO certified and is committed to adopt environmentally-friendly and sustainable best practices. So what can be a better way to end this year with a celebration of an Eco-friendly, Plastic-Free and Zero Waste Christmas!

We hope that everyone enjoys our Christmas tree and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Rasa Ria family!

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