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Shangri-La Hotel, Harbin, Together with Yongsheng Primary School, Unveils New Playground in Launching Ceremony

On 9 September 2016, one day before Teacher’s Day, Shangri-La Hotel, Harbin, together with the teachers and students of Yongsheng Primary School, held a special opening ceremony to launch the school’s new playground. With smiles on their faces, the students were full of vigour and excited to welcome the new semester.
The children, whose red scarfs fluttered in their chests, looked at the bright five-star red flag rising at the beginning of the ceremony.  Led by the general managers from Shangri-La Hotel, Harbin and Songbei Shangri-La, Harbin, members of hotel’s Embrace project watched the flag rise slowly and fly in the blue sky.
The ribbon-cutting ceremony was conducted in a joyful atmosphere.  Students representing the school carried trays with balls and stood beside their big friends from both Shangri-La hotels.  When the ribbons were cut using golden scissors, the new playground was launched officially.  The audience burst into warm applause. The children have finally achieved their long-standing desire to have a new and beautiful playground.
Since 2014, when Shangri-La Hotel, Harbin started its Embrace project with Yongsheng Primary School, the hotel has committed to improving the school’s campus environment and teaching equipment, and has put in effort to create opportunities to help the children broaden their horizon.  The hotel has added a campus radio system for the school, purchased bookshelves and books for each grade, brought the children to the space museum and the university, and invited the children to participate in various activities in the past two years. 
The launch of the new playground has granted the children’s greatest wish.  Two years ago, the school’s playground was in a bad condition due to disrepair, strong winds and rain erosion.  The bricks were exposed and the surface of the old playground was not even.  The students often fell and twisted their feet.  There was a lot of weed in spring and it was very muddy during the rainy season.  The children no longer have to worry about those again.
As an active performer of corporate social responsibility, Shangri-La Hotel, Harbin will continue to deliver love and create a better growing environment for the children of Yongsheng Primary School.

香格里拉酒店集团一贯坚持以经济、社会和环境可持续性的方式进行经营,同时平衡各相关利益方之间的关系。集团有专门的企业社会责任委员会,从股东关系、环境、健康及安全、供应链管理和员工等重点领域带领企业推陈出新,并聚焦“人文关怀”和“关爱自然”两个方面,使香格里拉成为企业公民和可持续发展方面的领导者。 “人文关怀”主要体现在香格里拉人文关怀项目,使弱势群体获得更好的教育及健康服务;“关爱自然”则渗透于香格里拉自然保护项目中,为保护生态多样性以及恢复生态环境作出不懈努力。更多详情,请登录香格里拉集团网站 “企业社会责任”板块。


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