Press Release


Traders Hotel, Brisbane Invites Guests to “Bee Our Guest”

Brisbane, 10 March 2014 - Traders Hotel, Brisbane is on a mission to pollinate change and has joined forces with urban apiarists, Bee One Third (, with a view to educate residents and travelers on the vital and extraordinary role of the indispensable honey bee.

Monday, March 10, 2014 the sixth floor terrace at Traders Hotel, Brisbane was a hive of activity as a working bee took place and hotel guests, VIPs, staff and honey farmers (or apiarists) gather to celebrate the hotel’s first ever harvest. The morning included an interactive presentation by apiarist, Jack Stone, from Bee One Third, who explained why this initiative is so important – global bee populations are dwindling and the dire consequences of “no bees is no food; no food means no us.”

Traders Hotel, Brisbane started with around 35,000 bees in October last year, and that number is constantly growing. Presently, about 60,000 pollinators are coming into the winter months and expected to produce around 100 kilograms of honey.

“We’re excited to have implemented this project as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Program. It’s well suited to Traders too, because neighboring Roma Street Parklands provides bountiful foraging grounds for our bees to be able to thrive and make honey for our Traders friends and family. We’ve named our project, High Honey, I’m Home, and we’re excited to see it flourish into the future.” said Human Resources Manager Carol West who heads up this project at Traders.

Traders Hotel, Brisbane, welcomes everyone to drop by to see what they’re up to, and to check in on their special cluster of busy Brisbane bees. For more information, visit or telephone (61 7) 3238 2222.