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Traders Upper East Hotel, Beijing Presents the Korean Food Festival

Traders Upper East Hotel, Beijing presents the Korean Food Festival from 18 to 30 March 2013 at Café Noir. Two guest chefs from Dea Jang Geum, the Korean restaurant, will present the essence of Korean specialities at Café Noir, such as Mustard Sannakji, Grilled Eel, Galbi, Kimchi Marbled Meat, Naengmyeon, Kimchijeon and Bibimbap. Signature beverages include sikhye, sujeonggwa and jujube tea. For further information or to make a table reservation, please contact Café Noir on (86 10) 5907 8888 extension 8416 or e-mail café

Located in the Third Embassy Area and Wangjing District, also known as the “Korean City of Beijing,” Traders Upper East Hotel, Beijing provides popular Korean cuisine in the morning buffet at Café Noir, such as Kimchi and Soba Noodles, which are welcome by Korean guests.

Café Noir, located on the lobby level of Traders Upper East Hotel, Beijing, received Morning Beijing’s “Best Restaurant of Korean People’s Choice 2012” award on 19 February 2013. Café Noir offers contemporary all-day dining, and guests are invited to “eat with the eyes” first at the innovative à la carte buffets featuring Asian and international fare.

The restaurant has floor-to-ceiling glass walls on three sides, through which diners can enjoy green landscape views, an open kitchen and cooking stations where chefs are ready to cater to every desire of diners. Café Noir puts its pristine produce and its talented chefs on display, and emphasis is placed on creating a sensory discovery.




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