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Cafe Noir Hosts Singapore Food Festival At Traders Upper East Hotel, Beijing

Café Noir of Traders Upper East Hotel, Beijing welcomes Chefs Voon John Siong and Roslan Bin Abbas from Traders Hotel, Singapore.  The guest chefs will present authentic Singaporean dishes at the Singapore Food Festival from 9 to 23 October 2013.

To complete the experience at the brilliant Singapore Food Festival, Traders Hotel, Singapore offers a room package starting from S$250 plus(around RMB1260,inclusive breakfast)from 9 Octoberuntil 31 December 2013.  Traders Upper East Hotel, Beijing also offers a Superior Room Package for RMB900 plus, including breakfast.  Guests can have a big Singaporean meal and enjoy the fantastic stay at each of the hotels.  

To find out more about the room package or to make a reservation, please telephone Traders Hotel, Singapore at (65) 6731 4330 or e-mail  Guests may also contact Traders Upper East Hotel, Beijing at (86 10) 5907 8338 or e-mail  Alternatively, bookings can be made online at 

The two guest chefs from Traders Hotel, Singapore have a wealth of knowledge and experience in cooking Singaporean cuisine.  Moreover, Chef Roslan has promoted Singapore cuisine all over the world.  During the Singapore Food Festival, he and Chef Voon will showcase Chilli Crab, Fish Head Curry, Singapore Satay, Pisang Goreng and more, prepared using fresh ingredients. 

Chilli Crab is one of the most popular seafood dishes in Singapore.  Known for its meaty flesh, it is fried in a spicy chilli and tomato based sauce; deep-fried or steamed mantou is then dipped into the sauce.  Singapore Satay, which originated in Malaysia, is made of marinated pieces of chicken, beef and lamb skewered and grilled over a charcoal stove; the satay is dipped into an authentic, but traditional Singaporean chilli peanut sauce before eating. 

Café Noir, located on the lobby level of Traders Upper East Hotel, Beijing, invites guests to “eat with the eyes” first at the innovative, colourful and appetising à la carte buffets featuring Asian and international fare.  Café Noir offers contemporary all-day dining.  The restaurant has floor-to-ceiling glass walls on three sides, through which diners can enjoy green landscaped views, an open kitchen and cooking stations where chefs are ready to cater to diners’ every desire.  Café Noir puts its pristine produce and its talented chefs on display, and emphasis is placed on creating a sensory discovery. 

For further information or to make a table reservation, please contact Café Noir at (86 10) 5907 8888 extension 8416 or e-mail café 




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