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Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok Challenges Gourmands' Palates with Flavourful Signature Dishes from Three Specialty Restaurants

Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok Challenges Gourmands' Palates with Flavourful Signature Dishes from Three Specialty Restaurants

Bangkok, 11 August 2017 - True perfectionists in the kitchen of Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok's three specialty restaurants - Salathip, Shang Palace and Volti ristorante & bar - work very much like an artist to delight discerning foodies with their must-try signature dishes.  

Diners can expect a delicate burst of natural treasures from the sea and the earth that possess a wonderful tenderness and juiciness combined with the chef’s expertise to create a unique dining experience.
Salathip Thai Restaurant treats the senses with Phuket Lobster with Mild Red Curry.  Chef Sutthaporn Chulavachana brings out the flavour of Phuket lobster through a simple method of dusting the lobster with flour and black peppercorn.  The lobster and its succulent chunks of meat, is fried until medium, a giving fine crispy texture on the outside and a sweet and soft tender centre.  Paired with a fragrant traditional Thai red curry, the dish has all the elements – salty from the curry paste, richness from the coconut, sweetness from the lobster and freshness from the lime and herbs added to the curry a la minute.
Chinese Executive Chef Chow Wai Man of Shang Palace Chinese Restaurant serves diners an authentic and delicious Cantonese-inspired signature dish he is so proud of: Stir-Fried Mantis Shrimp in Black Pepper Sauce. Andaman mantis shrimp from southern Thailand are boiled in hot water for 15 minutes and then chilled quickly in iced water.  The shrimp’s shell is removed and the meat is dusted with flour, which helps keep its shape during the cooking process.
Chef Chow then cooks the shrimp with sesame oil and Chinese whisky, arranges them and tops them with garlic and pepper sauce, Hong Kong style.  The mantis shrimp meat gives the dish a tender and juicy taste with the harmonious aroma of whisky and pepper sauce.
Volti ristorante & bar  aims to deliver consistently high-quality meats, attentive service  and great value for Italian food lovers.  For the pleasure of the eyes and the palate,  Lamb Loin with Bell Peppers and Foie Gras Ravioli is the not-to-be-missed signature dish.
Volti’s chef team uses the eye of loin, the tender cut from the Murraylands lamb from the lush green pastures of South Australia, to cook the dish.  The lamb is first marinated in an extra-virgin olive oil, garlic and thyme.  It is then seasoned with cracked pepper and Maldon sea salt and seared a la minute, followed by cooking to achieve a golden crust on the outside and a pink centre – a great way to enjoy the lamb.  The chef enhances the savoury meaty flavour with light vegetables, such as yellow and red peppers, apricot and beetroot, and adds the high-quality French foie gras from Rougis to increase the dish’s richness.  The high-quality ingredients in this signature dish balance and complement each other.  They are the keys to creating a memorable dining experience that satisfies the senses with delicious until the last spoonful.
Diners may experience these unique signature dishes at Salathip, Shang Palace and Volti ristorante & bar daily until 31 October 2017.
For more information and to make a reservation, guests may call restaurant reservations on (66 2) 236 7777 or (66 2) 236 9952 or send an e-mail to  Diners may also book directly via the hotel’s website