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More choices to redeem your points now. We bring you exquisite fine wines, limited wine packs and sensational mixed cases from Kerry Wines.

Kerry Wines, the Kerry Group’s specialist fine wine company, offers a range of quality wines and services to customers, who can rest assured that the wines are optimally selected, stored and delivered.

Perfect for sharing with family and friends or as a gift, these wines may be delivered to a designated Hong Kong address for free.

Duclot Bordeaux Collection 2000

Product Code: W2K166001ZA0
Points Required: 380,000

2004 Bordeaux Red Collection

Product Code: XSGC1601
Points Required: 20,000

New World Pinot Fantasy

Product Code: XMAS1503
Points Required: 4,500

Critics' Selection From The Old World

Product Code: XSGC1602
Points Required: 4,800

Chateau Malescot Twin Pack

Product Code: XKWL0018
Points Required: 2,200

Chateau Malartic Lagraviere Twin Pack

Product Code: XKWL0026
Points Required: 2,000

David Duband's Burgundy Twin Pack

Product Code: XSGC1603
Points Required: 2,500

Hall's Napa Valley Twin Pack

Product Code: XSGC1604
Points Required: 4,000

La Rioja Alta Twin Pack

Product Code: XSGC1605
Points Required: 3,500

Champagne Lallier Twin Pack

Product Code: XSGC1606
Points Required: 2,200