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Use your GC Award Points to redeem B&W products for an enhanced audio experience at home or on the go. Our range of headphones and speakers was selected with you in mind and we trust you’ll enjoy the superior sound it affords you.

Sharing these products with your loved ones is simple – all redemptions include worldwide shipping.

Zeppelin Wireless (Black) - Music System

Product Code: BNW-001
Points Required: 15,000

PX (Space Grey) - Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphone

Product Code: BNW-004
Points Required: 8,000

PX (Soft Gold) - Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphone

Product Code: BNW-010
Points Required: 8,000

P3 Series 2 - Supra aural Headphone

Product Code: BNW-007
Points Required: 3,500

P9 Signature - Circus aural Headphone

Product Code: BNW-006
Points Required: 19,000